Decent has three production plants that cover total area of 30,000 square meters. Two production plants are for manufacturing of equipment and tools of fire assay, sampling & sample preparation and containerized lab. The third plant is for producing refractory products such as crucible, cupel, muffle, furnace tile and so on.

With strong in-housing production capability, Decent can provide customized services for various equipment, tools and consumables which are used in mineral laboratories and ensure the best control in quality, cost and lead time and save time and cost for our customers and partners.

Photos of Decent Production

In equipment manufacture, Decent take advantages of a professional R&D team and experienced technicians to develop and improve the equipment of sampling & sample preparation and fire assay by combining craft with machine manufacture. Some products reach the international leading level with our own characteristics. In the equipment processing, Decent production factories have full sets of general machinery processing equipment, for example, milling, grinding, drilling, punching, Robot welding, bending, laser cutting and so on.

Equipment Factories

Decent can produce all main equipment and components of sampling & sample preparation, fire assay and containerized lab, and has obtained more than 30 invention patents in the equipment manufacture.

Refractory Products Factory

The refractory products factory of Decent Group can produce various refractory products such as crucible, cupel, D muffle, furnace tile and so on. We are the only Chinese manufacturer which has the full process of production in house, including making clay by ourselves. Making clay in house ensures the best control in quality, cost and order lead time from the beginning of production. Below is the full process of production of our premium quality multi-firing clay crucible.

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