A unique range of bowls from 40 to 5000g nominal capacity. The “bowl and disc” style grinding head forms the core of Decent’s extensive bowl range. Decent delivers this high-capacity, high-production bowl to the sample preparation market over 10 years ago. Today it remains the preferred bowl of choice in most of the world’s leading commercial assay laboratories. These bowls are of through hardened steel construction for optimum life. They are available in 640, 800, 1600 and 3500g nominal capacities. Decent “ring and roller” style bowls are available in the smaller 50, 100, 125, 300 & 400cc nominal capacities. These too are of through hardened steel construction, with tungsten carbide available in the 125cc size. This innovative crushing and grinding configuration provide rapid preparation of large samples up to 5000g in nominal capacity.


Model DB2000 DB1000 DB800 DB300/400
Max. Capacity 300-1600g 150-800g 120-640g 75-320g
Weight 27.5kg 20kg 14kg 13kg
Bowl Outer Dia. 27.5cm 25.5cm 22.7cm 21.8cm
Height 12.5cm 9.5cm 9cm 7cm
Parts Lid & seal, disc and bowl Lid & seal, bowl, roller, inner ring
Material Standard steel or Chrome steel
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