Product Description: Laboratory Pulveriser / Laboratory Ring Mill / Laboratory Pulverising Mill

Sample Quantity: Max. 1600 gram

Grinding Bowl Quantity: Max. 4

Sample Feed-in Size: <26 mm

Sample Output Size: <50um

Pulverising Time: <3 munites

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Product Details


Laboratory pulveriser is also called laboratory ring mill or laboratory pulverising mill. It is one of the key equipment for sample preparation. Efficient and accurate laboratory analysis relies on good sample preparation. Decent multiple grinding bowls series of laboratory pulveriser is the laboratory ring mill which is designed and built for high productivity and durable lifespans offering and supporting accurate and reliable results for your laboratory.


More Power & Lifetime: The vibratory head of Decent laboratory ring mill is driven by a universal shaft that is powered by vee-belts from a standard, stationary (nonvibrating) 1.5kW electric motor. This drive arrangement delivers more power to the grinding bowls and optimizes motor life because it is not exposed to direct vibration as happens in traditional integral vibratory motor driven mills.

Various Capacity & Excellent Efficiency: Decent multiple grinding bowls series of laboratory pulverising mill also differs from traditional mills because its capability of being fitted with one to four grinding bowls whose capacity can be various and reach maximum totally 1600 grams of samples. Meanwhile, the design of multiple grinding bowls enable laboratory to proceed sample preparation for maximum four different ore samples at the same time, which provides excellent efficiency at any time. You can choose the quantity of grinding bowls from one to four according to your actual need.

Wide Applicability & Perfect Grinding Effect: Decent laboratory ring mill can be used for pulverising ores, minerals, metallurgical samples, ceramics, soils, aggregates, chemicals and similar particulate. Typically, samples can be ground to 95% minus 75-50 micron within 3 minutes depending upon their mass and physical characteristics.

High Output & Low Maintenance: Decent laboratory ring mill is well suited to high volume mineral laboratories regularly preparing large samples or to any laboratory remote from the specialised repair services typically required for integral vibratory motor driven mills.

Trouble-free Bowl Clamping Design: The unique quick, easy and anti-loosening design of manual mechanical bow clamping offers trouble-free operation to operator during sample preparation process no matter where the laboratory is and whether the laboratory is equipped with pneumatic system.


1.5kW stationary electric motor drive give sufficient power to any demand of sample preparation.

Good looking and robust metal cabinet with sound reducing foam lining offer the operator durable and friendly operation process.

External control box with start & stop push button, motor overload protection, electronic run cycle timer enable the ring mill to be operated easily, convenient, efficient and trouble free.

Lid safety switch stops mill when cabinet lid is opened during operation ensure absolute protection to the operator at anytime.

Integrated Emergency Stop button ensure the laboratory pulveriser can be stopped immediately at any emergency.

Low noise which is less than 60dB gives friendly operation environment and necessary body protection to the operators.


Wide choice of bowls meet various demand and need to sample quantity and types.

Customized power supply connections.

Separate floor mounted stand for control box.


Model Sample Qty Feed-in Size Feed-in Weight Pulverizing Time Output Size Power
MP100-1 1 <13mm 100g x 1 <2 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP100-2 2 <13mm 100g x 2 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP100-3 3 <13mm 100g x 3 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP100-4 4 <13mm 100g x 4 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP100-5 5 <13mm 100g x 5 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP100-7 7 <13mm 100g x 6 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP200-1 1 <20mm 200g x 1 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP200-2 2 <20mm 200g x 2 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP200-3 3 <20mm 200g x 3 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP200-4 4 <20mm 200g x 4 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP400-1 1 <26mm 400g x 1 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP400-2 2 <26mm 400g x 2 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP400-3 3 <26mm 400g x 3 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP400-4 4 <26mm 400g x 4 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP500-1 1 <26mm 500g x 1 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
MP1000-1 1 <26mm 1000g x 1 <3 minutes 125-50um 1.5kw
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