DECENT drying oven adopts digital display temperature regulator for temperaturecontrol, which offers sensitive control, easy operation, reliable performance and easyread. Working temperature can be constant temperature from room temperature to 300℃.

Oven cabinet is machined and formed by CNC. Single door, dimidiate door and revolvingdoor are available and optional. Pneumatic driving provides easier operation to openingdoors. Inner cabinet is made of SUS304 and outer cabinet is made of AS plate withpowder coating, which offers clean and beautiful appearance.International famous brand electrical control components ensurelong service life and high precise control. Closure tightness of door can be adjusted.

Integral forming silicon rubber door seal ensures sealing of oven.Big rotary oven which can work with robotics is also available. It has 36pcs of sampleplates and is typically used for drying batch samples of iron ore and coal.

Oven Control System:

The temperature controller adopts, digital display LED, PID intelligentcontrol instrument.

Pt100 platinum resistance temperature sensor.

The whole machine protection system is composed of over temperature protection andalarm device.

Customized service is available.

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