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Acid fume scrubber, also called acid gas purification tower, acid mist absorption tower,exhaust gas purification tower and glass steel acid mist purification tower. It has thecharacteristics of wide application range, high purification efficiency, low equipmentresistance and small floor space. Generally, the harmful gases mainly treated by the acidgas absorption tower are hydrogen chloride (HCL) gas and hydrogen fluoride (HF) gas,acid mist (H2S04), chromic acid mist (CrO3), hydrogen cyanide (HCN) gas, hydrogensulfide (H2S), A water-soluble gas such as ammonia (NH3) or alkali vapor. Using sodiumhydroxide as the absorption neutralizing solution, the solution concentration is 2-6%, andthe purification efficiency is 95%-98% or more.It removes chemical mists and droplets from the exhaust air of installations using acidsfor etching and cleaning. The high chemical removal rate of the scrubbers letsmanufacturers and research labs avoid discharging of hazardous fumes that can harmworkers and corrode equipment. It is suitable for many applications including wetprocessing stations, tech benches, fume hoods, plating stations, precision cleaningstations and acid exhaust hoods.From labs, universities, start-ups to companies with large production lines, we can offerfume scrubber designs according to your needs.


·Very low water consumption.

·Low cost of maintenance.

·High chemical fume removal rate.

·Wide range of capacities.


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